PAWT Shelter project in Central Kurram Agency funded by UNOCHA-PHPF


PAWT proposed the disbursement of cash in three trenches to vulnerable. After completion of foundation level, PAWT paid 1 st Trench of 15000 PKR to 310 shelter participants. 2 nd and 3 rd trench comprised of PKR 45000 was paid after completion of shelter.

Ensuring transparency in cash disbursement, PAWT selected Zong (timepey services) as a third party and also invited local administration to observe the process, where they could interact with the participants directly. PAWT shared a list of participants in advance with Zong which paid cash to the participants accordingly. Moreover, proper seating arrangement was done for the cash recipients at POS (Timepey) and recipients were entertained with dignity.


Implementation strategy of the project

Following was the strategy for implementation of the project on ground.


1) Team Hiring, Orientation & exposure visit

2) Field office establishment

3) Coordination Mechanism

4) BBCM & formation of CO

5) Selection Criteria & Assessment

6) Signing of MoU

7) Construction of Shelter

8) Cash Disbursement







Foundation level of room construction





Work in progress for room construction


Signing of MOU with Participants


Coordination Meeting with Political Administration









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