North Waziristan Clean Water Initiative

Poverty Alliance Welfare Trust and German Embassy donated Water Filtration Units for the people of North Waziristan Agency. This donation would help many people of North Waziristan Agency to have access to clean water. PAWT CEO himself went to North Waziristan for the proper evaluation of the ground situation and distribution of Water Filtration Units.


This project was executed in three phases. The details of each phase are given below:


Phase I (Survey and Data Collection)


This phase consisted of a short survey to analyze the ground situation and access the availability of water and the cleanness of water in these areas. This short Survey by PAWT resulted in PAWT team visits to different areas of North Waziristan and meeting with local people and communities and looking at the water situation i.e. water availability, its cleanliness and other related problems faced by people in these areas.


PAWT team was very happy to see the overwhelming response and people participation in this process and were also saddened to see at the water shortage and water cleanness problems faced by people. PAWT team visited more than thirty different locations to gather the data and to finalize the final twenty locations for the twenty Water Filtration Units.


Phase II: (People Participation and Distribution)


The second phase of this project consisted of the practical implementation and the transparent distribution of Water Filtration Plants in North Waziristan. For this purpose PAWT team called upon meetings of local elders and local people so as to ensure people participation, transparency and giving people due role in decision making as well. Upon proper consultation and discussion the local people and PAWT team finalized the final deserving twenty areas where the Water Filtration Units will be distributed. These meetings were also followed by the PAWT team emphasizing on the people about the importance of clean water especially for children and females. Thus this project also served as a good source of awareness creation among the common people by the PAWT team in North Waziristan as well.


Phase III: (Monitoring)


The third phase of this project was followed by visits of PAWT team to the areas where water filtration units were distributed. The conditions of the units usage and their maintenance were monitored by PAWT team. This phase of monitoring also went very successful and PAWT team was requested by the people for more water filtration unit as well.


These Water Filtration Units were distributed among various people and it was tried to cover different areas. Some of the areas that got these water filtration units are:


1. Miramshah

2. Darpa-khel tribe

3. Thuri-khel tribe (khushali)

4. Madda-khel tribe (sherani)

5. Government high school - Darpakhel

6. kabul-khel etc



Chairman Poverty Alliance with German Embassy


Water filter units for the people of North Waziristan

Water filter unit beneficiary in North Waziristan


Chairman Poverty Alliance with German Embassy


Water filter unit beneficiary in North Waziristan

Water filter unit beneficiary in North Waziristan


Water filter unit beneficiary in North Waziristan






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