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Poverty Alliance Welfare Trust is a national non-governmental non-profit organization. It is the only NGO both among national and international NGO's that has worked with the people of North Waziristan since 1947. Poverty Alliance Welfare Trust has a distinguished track record of impactful interventions in FATA and the Agencies that has resulted in alleviating poverty. Our success to date is attributed to our talented staff, support of the community, and the unwavering support of the Pakistan Army. Our mission is to support disadvantaged people in alleviating poverty among the most underprivileged communities of Pakistan. We will work with civil society, government, communities and others to achieve these aims through advocacy, capacity building, responding to emergencies and

imporving access to health and education and other delivery of services. Poverty Alliance Welfare Trust will strive for the elimination of human rights violations in Pakistan by advancing human rights education and awareness and the improvement of the rights of women, minorities and other disadvantaged or marginalized persons or groups across Pakistan.


We value unity, integrity, tolerance, accountability, hard work, and innovation. We are committed to working for the common good and fostering self-reliance through practical action. We believe people can improve their lives and transform conflict when empowered with knowledge, understanding, skills, and resources. We seek to preserve and build upon the wisdom of culture and tradition, while enabling positive change. We will serve those in need without regard to tribe, sex, age, religion, caste, beliefs, nationality or disability.


Irshad Ullah Khan
Rhodes Scholar
Poverty Alliance Welfare Trust








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